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By BeerShop
#862 Hey all, my name is Tony Compaglia. I am opening in March at 1026 North Blvd in Oak Park. We will specialize in Chicago-land craft beer for off premise and on-premise sales. I look forward to meeting the group at an upcoming meeting. I would love to host meetings, as well!

Here is our web/social stuff…
Twitter: @BeerShopHQ
Instagram & Facebook: BeerShopHQ
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By craft_brew_fan
#866 Sounds like a great, hybrid shop, Tony! Thanks for being willing to host our March, monthly meeting.

Keep us posted on when you officially open. I'd love to come by before the meeting if you open before 3/24. My wife and I are always looking for new places to walk to with our 3.5 month old son. Right next to Pumpkin Moon is a good, central location. Looking forward to it...
By BeerShop
#895 Thx, Craft Brew Fan. Last Wednesday the village passed the required ordinances to allow us to exist in DTOP. We are full throttle trying to open ASAP. I will send updates as we get closer. We are shooting for mid March right now.