Looking for a band for September

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Looking for a band for September

#1 Post by ThePowers » Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:09 pm

Hey guys! Sorry we haven't managed to make it to any of the Zoom meetings. The older Violet gets, I think the easier it'll be for one of us to scoot away to a meeting.

I have a random request (and "Introductions" was as good of a place to post as anything else) -- I have a work friend who is looking for an acoustic band to play for their low-key wedding reception. She's not really interested in a cover band, but moreso a band that would be up for playing essentially a concert for a small venue. Many of you have been in the area a lot longer than is and might know of some artists that would fit that bill, so I figured I would ask. If any of you have a suggestion, let us know here and I'll forward it on!

- Steph

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