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By bmason1623
#421 I'm Bill and I'm sure I know a few of the members here from past group buy interactions. Glad to be here. Cheers!

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By Reise
#429 Hi All,

I am finally making it out to a meeting after two months of trying to make an introduction, and after having found out at the Oak Park Beer Fest that there was such an organization that regularly meets locally (which is awesome!!!) that can save my girlfriend from hearing about all my beer speak ; )

I'll bring a few bottles of what I last brewed for the initiation hazing: Tangelo Wit, Citrus Wit w/ Pink Peppercorn, Rye Saison and a double IPA brewed with milk sugar and five different high alpha citrus hops.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and talking shop! So glad to find an organization like this exists!