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By PKNielski
#1793 Hi, all-

My husband and I took up brewing when we moved to OP almost 4 years ago. We tend to have gaps in our brewing but really want to maintain a regular schedule, so we (I) are/am joining OPHB to help with this. We also want to improve our beer, as there tends to be a similar taste in all of our beers, regardless of style. We have only done extract kits, but are ready to move out of the kit and into recipes.

Looking forward to exploring the boards.

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By keith.huizinga
#1795 Also, please join us at our monthly meeting, always the last Tuesday of the month. We meet at Doc Ryan's in Forest Park at 8pm to share homebrews and discuss brewing in general. It's a great way to meet other people interested in brewing with a good mix of beginners and experienced brewers to bounce ideas around.

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By jeff_filo
#1796 Pam, welcome!
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By craft_brew_fan
#1798 Welcome to the club, Pam (and husband)! This is a great, friendly club full of folks of all skill levels. I'm still a beginner and have learned a great deal in less than 2 years. Please join us for our monthly meeting on 2/23 at Doc Ryan's in Forest Park.
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By jschertz
#2169 I see you finally made it over here :) You can be my stand-in for all the meetings I miss when traveling.