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By mcawesome
#2884 It seems like the meetings are every last Tuesday, do I just show up? What are dues? Anything else I should know?
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By craft_brew_fan
#2887 Good Morning,

We meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Kinslahger in Oak Park from 8:00-10:00pm. Please join us on 7/25. Annual dues are only $20. Hope to see you soon.

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By craft_brew_fan
Francisco_Zamarripa wrote:Would that be 6/25??


This month's meeting is on 6/26. We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month, at Kinslahger in Oak Park, at 8:00pm. Hope you can join us.

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By craft_brew_fan
mcawesome wrote:Is there a Google calendar I can add for the meeting schedule?

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We do not currently have a Google calendar but that is a great idea. We'll research how easily that can be implemented.

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By doug9675
#3229 Welcome Mcawesome and Francisco. Keep in mind sometimes the 4th Tues is not the last Tues but most are. July being the next one which is not the last Tues of month. It will be on the 23rd. The board is working on improving the communications with the club so stay tuned on the shared calendar idea etc. Bring $20 for dues or you can pay via PayPal if you prefer. And yes just show up @ 8 pm @ Kinslagher Brewery on Roosevelt in OP. If you have homebrew, feel free to bring that for us to try. We normally do drink a fair amount of everyones brew and discuss @ the meetings. This month is our LawnMower beer competition so if you have a summer beer that you would like to enter into our informal competition, bring it along. We look forward to meeting both of you.
By Salvo
#3232 The June meeting on 06/26 is still on? I’m in town and looking forward to meet all of you.
By BDanstrom
#3233 Yes it is Salvo, 8pm at Kinslagher. Looking forward to meeting you, and if you wish you can enter your Kolsch into our contest for “Best Lawnmower Beer” at the meeting. See you there!